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Fresh Fruit & Veg for London Offices & Homes, Delivered sustainably

Top quality fruit and veg delivered to London homes and offices. Started in 2008 with two friends who had experience in the fruit niche and a shared passion for cycling, we began delivering high quality fruit to London using our bikes. And we’ve never looked back! To find out more about us and the good things we are are doing around London, read below:

From Our Customers

Fresh & Hand Packed for Quality

We promise to deliver you the freshest most delicious items straight to you in your fruit box for office or home. We are working with farmers and suppliers from up and down the country, across Europe and worldwide, growing nutritious and quality fruit and vegetables (and more) to make sure you are always satisfied. ⁣

Person hand-picking locally sourced Fruit for the Office

Locally Sourced

We work with farmers and suppliers from up and down the country, across Europe and worldwide, growing nutritious and quality fruit and vegetables to make sure you are always satisfied. ⁣

One bunch of carefully hand-picked Carrots locally sourced for your customised Vegetable Box

Carefully Hand Packed

In-season products are picked at the height of its freshness; they don’t undergo lengthy transit times to get from farm to your kitchen; therefore, they taste so much better!

One box of locally sourced Fruit and Vegetables ready for Next Day Delivery

Next Day Delivery

We don’t store produce, we collect it from our farmers, box it up and get you as quickly as possible. Our bicycles and ecofriendly electric vehicles can get it delivered to you as quickly as the next day.

Reducing Food Waste

According to londoncouncils.gov, 60% of London’s households food waste is avoidable. All you need is a bit of planning and some creative ideas. That is why we are trying to find realistic solutions to waste and suggest options to our customers to avoid perfectly edible food to be tossed.⁣

What happens to the less perfect?

Our wonky and less perfect fruit and veg given to staff, and given away to the other small businesses around the area.

None of our produce (even the odd looking ones!) are wasted.

Our Recycling and Plastic Policy

We recycle baskets and reuse boxes… first to customers, then they are re-used by other small businesses in our area, and once we can no longer extend their life, they are finally squashed and recycled.

Plastic Policy
We will always choose something in paper over plastic, when this is not possible we will never “repackage” in cardboard to give the illusion of a zero plastic. We pack our loose produce using so much less plastic than shopping at supermarket!

A selection of Vegetables including Brocolli, Carrots, Potatos and Mushrooms perfect for your custom Vegetable Box

A little shy but finally photographed

This is us
We have been pestered for some time now by our marketing guys to “show our faces” because that’s what people like these days. To be honest, we’ve always been way too busy, and well, as it happens we are quite shy and a little old school, we are much more interested in delivering top quality, fresh produce on time to our customers.

We met about 20 years ago while cycling on the same team, both moved to London in our early twenties, and began thinking that we should deliver high quality fruit to London using our bikes.

Fruit 4 London was born in May 2008, and since then our business keeps growing. We are proud to deliver to over 500 offices in London every day. With Fruit 4 London, we can assure you that your fruit and veg deliveries are fresh, fast and efficient.

The team at Fruit 4 London provide an excellent service of fruit and vegetable delivery in London for office spaces, homes and, well anywhere you like! We ensure that our products are fresh and packed with nutrients. Sourced locally from farmers, our fruit and veg delivery service provides London with their five-a-day, without the hastle.

Managing Director

Les Mulato

Here's what our customers say

Ordered a luxury fruit basket and was very pleased with prompt helpful service. The presentation was outstanding and the fruits were delicious. Very impressed and will definitely be ordering again. Thank you a delighted customer. Well done
Simi phlora
As a shielded person, I have been struggling to find home deliveries and came across fruit 4 London. Really fast delivery, amazingly fresh fruit and vegetables and such good value. It’s now definitely my go to for fresh fruit, vegetables and basics. Thanks so much Fruit 4 London. I can now eat and enjoy eating again and I can relax knowing I don’t need to go out too the shops
Rea Mattocks
I have been using your service since April and cannot fault the quality of the goods you provide. The delivery service has been excellent and the delivery personnel have all been friendly and efficient.

Thanks for providing such an excellent service in these difficult times.
Tina Sinclair
very satisfied customer
Have had 4 boxes all excellent much better fruit and veg than the supermarkets. Excellent value. Good service and pleasant people to deal with.
Mrs D Naylorstomer
Fruit 4 Ltd
Unit 2, Spital House 27 Sherrin Road
New Spitalfields Market