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Modern Slavery Act

Fruit 4 limited is committed to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking in all of our business operations, as well as those of our supply chains. We believe that modern slavery is a gross violation of human rights and as such is completely unacceptable. 

Our Modern Slavery Act Policy outlines our commitment to: 

  1. Implementing due diligence processes for assessing the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking in our operations and supply chains.
  2. Providing training to our employees and suppliers on modern slavery and how to identify and report signs of it.
  3. Ensuring our recruitment processes are transparent, fair and free from exploitation.
  4. Conducting regular reviews of our suppliers and partners to ensure they comply with our standards for ethical treatment of workers.
  5. Encouraging and supporting any individual who comes forward with concerns about modern slavery in connection with our business or supply chains.
  6. Ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation, including the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015. 

Our due diligence processes include: 

  1. Identifying and assessing potential risks of modern slavery and human trafficking in our operations and supply chains.
  2. Engaging with our suppliers and partners to seek greater transparency on their own labor practices and commitments to prevent modern slavery.
  3. Evaluating supplier policies and procedures to ensure they are aligned with our own values and commitments.
  4. Providing training and resources to our employees, contractors and suppliers to help identify potential risks and signs of modern slavery. 

We believe that we have a responsibility to champion ethical behavior and promote the highest standards of business conduct. In the event that we identify any concerns relating to potential modern slavery within our business or supply chains, we will take immediate steps to address them and work to rectify any issues. 

This policy applies to all employees and persons under our control. We expect everyone to be committed to the principles outlined within this policy and to report any concerns or issues that may arise in connection with potential modern slavery within our business or supply chains. 

We will review this policy periodically and update it as required to ensure that it remains effective and relevant.


We will deliver your chosen fresh fruit and vegetables to any office or workspace within the M25, and any office that falls with the parameters of Greater London.
We offer free next delivery for offices and homes in central London and there is a small charge for outside of this area. Never to fear, this will be calculated for you at checkout.
At Fruit4London we work with local farmers and suppliers ensuring in-season products are picked at the height of freshness. Meaning when you purchase a basket or box from us, you are helping many local small businesses at once.
One of our main aims is to reduce food waste and that is we give our wonky, less perfect fruit and vegetables to staff or other locals small businesses. None of our produce goes to waste.
We will always ensure that our baskets are recycled, and our boxes are re-used. First to customers, the local businesses and once they reach the end of their life they are squashed and recycled. When you place an office fruit basket order, baskets must either be returned at the next delivery or within two weeks from delivery date or you will be charged £6 per basket.