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Vegetable Box


Vegetable delivery in London just got a lot better! The Fruit4London single vegetable box is chocked full of a variety of nutritious and delicious items. We deliver our seasonal boxes to homes and offices anywhere in London so that you can keep happy and healthy through your week.

We know all too well that many high street grocers and supermarkets make you buy in large quantities in order to get value for money, leaving you eating the same veggies day after day. Fear not variety seekers, summer is just around the corner, and with it comes a huge selection of fresh vegetable for delivery in London.

Yes I want a fresh vegetable delivery!

The single veg box is an introduction into the diversity of colours, flavours and textures that we fit into even our smallest vegetable delivery box. The selection contains a mix of the best seasonal with selections including salad, potatoes, carrots, onion, garlic and other seasonal items. All of the items are carefully selected to ensure that everyone will finish their veggies. Whilst you are bound to be impressed with the selection of vitamin rich and delicious vegetables, larger boxes have a lot more to offer.

Our boxes come in three different sizes meaning that you can find the right size to suit your lifestyle. We would recommend the single veg box to anyone but especially; couples, people who live alone, those of us interested in health and nutrition or anyone looking to live better!